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Einer trank - und starb

Dieses Thema im Forum "Geschichten, Gedichte und Nachdenkliches" wurde erstellt von Azrael, 20 März 2003.

  1. Azrael
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    nicht angegeben
    Ich hasse solche Nächte wie diese :angryfire Kann nicht schlafen, bekomm kein Auge zu.

    Einer trank - und starb,
    Ein anderer trank nicht - er starb auch.

    Aber nicht gleichzeitig..........

    Denn der, der nicht trank - starb früher,
    Weil der, der trank - ihn überfuhr.
    Azrael, 20 März 2003
  2. spacko
    spacko (41)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    vergeben und glücklich
    "I Went To A Party Mom"

    I Went To A Party Mom
    I went to a party mom,
    I remember what you said,
    You told me not to drink mom,
    So I drank soda instead.

    I felt really proud inside mom,
    the way you said I would,
    I didn't drink and drive mom,
    even though the others said I should.

    I know you're always right,
    now the party is finally ending mom,
    as everyone drives out of sight.

    As I get into my car mom,
    I knew I'd get home in one piece,
    because of the way you raised me mom,
    so responsible and sweet.

    I started to drive away mom,
    as I pulled onto the road,
    the other car didn't see me mom,
    it hit me like a load.

    As I lay here on the pavement mom,
    I hear the policeman say,
    the other guy is drunk mom,
    and now I'm the one who has to pay,

    I'm laying here dying mom,
    I wish you'd get here soon,
    how come this happened to me mom,
    my life burst like a balloon.

    There is blood all around me mom,
    most of it is mine.
    I hear the paramedic's say mom,
    I'll die in a very short time.

    I just wanted to tell you mom,
    I swear I didn't drink.
    I was the only one mom,
    the others didn't think.

    He didn't know where he was going mom,
    he was probably at the same party as I,
    the only difference is mom,
    he drank and I will die.

    Why do people drink mom,
    it can ruin your whole life.
    I'm feeling sharp pains now mom,
    pains just like a knife.

    The guy who hit me is walking mom,
    I don't think that is fair.
    I'm laying here dying mom,
    while all he can do is stare!

    Tell my brother not to cry mom,
    tell daddy to be brave,
    and when i go to heaven mom,
    write "daddy's girl" on my grave.

    Someone should have told him mom,
    not to drink and drive,
    if only they would have taken time mom,
    I would still be alive.

    My breath is getting shorter mom.
    I'm becoming very scared,
    Please don't cry for me mom,
    because when I needed you,
    you were always there.

    I have one last question mom
    before I say Good-bye,
    I didn't ever drink mom,
    So why am I to die?

    This is the end mom,
    I wish I could look you in the eye,
    to say these final words mom,

    Autor unbekannt Gefunden bei: http://www.insanctus.de

    Da läuft es mir kalt den Rücken runter, wenn ich so etwas lese.
    spacko, 20 März 2003
  3. Austin Powers
    Ich habe das auf Deutsch gelesen und habe das Gedicht 'zerpflückt' und daraus eine Kurzgeschichte gemacht. Wenn jemand Interesse hat, diese zu lesen, dann postet das hier rein und ich poste sie mal. Also, einfach 'Interesse melden' *g* und ihr bekommt sie :zwinker:
    Austin Powers, 20 März 2003
  4. spacko
    spacko (41)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    vergeben und glücklich
    ich, ich, ich

    interresse, wie die sau.
    Looos posten.

    spacko, 20 März 2003

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