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Lets talk about... in englisch

Dieses Thema im Forum "Stammkneipe" wurde erstellt von Kasabian, 30 Dezember 2004.

  1. Kasabian
    Hey there,

    I'm not really wheter a non-german thread is against the rules of this board, but after this exhausting day at work, I'm way too lazy to look up the guidelines :engel:
    So why should start an only-englisch-thread?! Well, many people love to speak in foreign languages and be able to communicate with foreign people and to keep this ability, a huge amount of practice is in order :tongue:
    So lets talk about all the things which occupy our minds. My suggestion would be what our New Year's resolution are.
    I for example want to lose my negative mindset towards life itself, to see the beautiful side of life and busy myself with hobbys and projects, which help me to reinvent myself.
    So take care and please graze this thread with your attention :zwinker:


    PS: Should this thread break the board's rules, i beg the mods to contact me and hopefully save this thread from being deleted

    PPS: Don't diss people who make spelling errors, this thread is supposed to practice our skills!
    Kasabian, 30 Dezember 2004
  2. dragon77
    dragon77 (37)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit

    Nice idea, an English-speaking (writing) thread.

    About New Year's resolutions? Too bad i never had any. I think, if you want to change something, you could do it any day, not especially on January 1st.
    So I could stop smoking... no bad example! I can't stop it and I know it. :flennen:

    Happy new year!
    dragon77, 30 Dezember 2004
  3. Dawn13
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    nicht angegeben
    New Year's resolutions?

    Actually, I totally agree with dragon... In every point :zwinker:
    Stop smoking would be a great idea, but I don't even try to think about it. At least not before March, as I'm in a damned stress at school - so maybe in April :grin: (what a lie *smile*)
    I could try to do more - ehm, at least some - sports, but I've already got more cons (lame excuses :grin: ) than pros :tongue:

    And I honestly hope this wasn't too bad, cause usually it takes me a little time to start thinking in English :zwinker:
    Dawn13, 30 Dezember 2004
  4. dragon77
    dragon77 (37)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    Sounds familiar :grin:
    Maybe in April. And as soon April starts, you say "let's wait till summer is over", and when summer is over you say... and so on, and so on...

    Sport wouldn't be a resolution for me. I'm in sports for many years now - if beer drinking is a sport (one-arm weightlifting) :grin:
    dragon77, 30 Dezember 2004
  5. Engelchen1985
    Aehm... i'm guess my english isn't very well,
    drum geh ich nu & slep im Bettgestell.
    Engelchen1985, 31 Dezember 2004
  6. jonnyboy
    what a brilliant idea to talk english, isn't it? I'm studying english, so it's a good exercice for me... but my english isn't the best as you see...
    ok new years resolutions...
    I'm so happy that I managed to quit smoking a few weeks ago, I don't think about any resolutions now... but it would be good for me to do some sport, lose weight, save money or be a better friend to my beloved, but these resolutions are so hard to keep... :geknickt: aaah what the fuck!!! I'm neither perfect nor do I want to be perfect...

    oh kasabian: did you name yourself after the new fantastic british rock group?
    jonnyboy, 31 Dezember 2004
  7. Morgaine
    Morgaine (31)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    nicht angegeben
    Jonnyboy what are you studying and where? I'm studying English, too and I want to become a teacher :zwinker: But my English isn't very good :frown: I have to practise a lot.

    About new years resolutions.... well.... I want to eat less chocolate :tongue: and do more for my study... I have to write two term papers till march and I don't know how to do this :ratlos: :frown:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!
    Morgaine, 31 Dezember 2004
  8. Kasabian
    It's great to see so many people here in this thread.

    @jonnyboy: Well yeah, I named myself after the band Kasabian and the name wasn't taken yet, so why not name myself Kasabian :tongue:

    I can count myself lucky that i quit smokin a 3/4 year ago! I just knew that I simply didn't want to anymore :grin: Otherwise you're right that actually keeping the resolution isn't the easiest thing on earth... but we can at least try our luck, can't we?!

    Take care
    Kasabian, 31 Dezember 2004
  9. jonnyboy
    @morgaine: I'm studying in tübingen german and english, but I'm not going to be a teacher. I think after two months i would kill one of the children...
    and about the term papaers: i have to write two papers too, but until the 13. january. fuck it... I have to do lots of work in less than 14 days...
    @kasabian: what other bands are your favourite?
    jonnyboy, 31 Dezember 2004
  10. gshock
    Happy new year! :smile:

    ps: just 8 posts and "fuck" already occurs twice...
    gshock, 31 Dezember 2004
  11. jonnyboy
    and both times I was the evil guy who posted it... f... oh no not again :madgo:
    "bloody hell" is the better curse anyway :grin:
    jonnyboy, 31 Dezember 2004
  12. DickBrave

    what a nice gedanke ... to speak an write here zusammen in english. I'am very gespannt, whow sich der thread with the time entwickelt ... and about welche Themen here geschrieben wird ...

    Very much Grüsse

    DickBrave :cool1:
    DickBrave, 31 Dezember 2004
  13. Kasabian
    @ jonnyboy: very good question, i will answer after the alcohol in my blood has finally disappeared...

    Am i the only one who missed new years because he/she was puking :kotz: :kotz:

    Kasabian, 1 Januar 2005
  14. q:
    q: (37)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    cheers everybody!! Had some good sleep?
    q:, 1 Januar 2005
  15. Kasabian
    @ jonnyboy:
    favorite music: rock and trip hop, for example some more popular bands: massive attack, portishead, vines , hives, metallica, etc

    at everyone who studies englisch: what are the future possibilties for someone who majors in englisch? does the actual study only consist of paper work?

    Kasabian, 2 Januar 2005
  16. jonnyboy
    @kasabian quite good taste... about your other question: for example in tübingen you can study three different types of english: neuere englische literaturwissenschaft (nel), linguistics and mediävistik. i'm studying nel but I'll have to do courses from the two other types, too. and in nel you have again three types of courses you must do: the "seminare", the lecture and some practice called language & use, later oral & writtem communication. yes it's a lot of paper work. I've got to do two term papers, a oral presentation and two tests and thats only in the seimnar...
    but thats only tü and the "magister-studiengang" will disappear in one or two semester and then, everybody will have to do the bachelor/master studies so i don't know what's going on in other cities...
    hope this was quite a bit the information you needed...

    ps: oh and you should do a year in a foreign english speaking country
    jonnyboy, 2 Januar 2005
  17. Kasabian
    Well thanks, i also think that my taste in music is quite good :grin:

    Can you tell me, what the linguistic and mediavist studies consist of? Isthe study of Nel mainly made up of reading literature, cause i can't really picture studying englisch.
    Kasabian, 2 Januar 2005
  18. jonnyboy
    ok i'll try: the studies of nel mainly consist of reading english poetry, novels and dramas, for example william shakespeare, jane austen and other... we also read theoretical text where the possibilities of examning literature are introduced. and then we talk about that or write interpretations of poems or something like that. in addition to that we have a lecture that introduces furthermore texts and deals with interpretating them. and there is a lesson called language and use where grammar is told to us. in linguistics and mediavistic it's nearly the same but you deal with language its history and what it consists of (linguistics) or with texts ans language problems in old english (mediavistic). I hope you can imagine now what the study of english consists of...
    jonnyboy, 3 Januar 2005
  19. Florian_PL
    Florian_PL (34)
    nicht angegeben

    i thought about a special english-speaking-forum a couple of month ago but the other admins like kirby and docdebil (his english is a very dirty mix of bavarian and english) said i wasn't a good idea.
    I'm going to the united states in 2 days and it will be fucking awesome!!! :smile:

    Stay tuned

    Florian_PL, 4 Januar 2005
  20. fully-fledged
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    Well, a strange and good idea at once. Likely many like to speak in a foreign language, like i do. English is surely the best try. Kasabian, how did this idea come to your mind? Why do you want to animate the others to lead a discussion in English?

    Hey Crazy, waht about a subforum just for conversations in English?
    The projekt would surely find many supporters. Somebody should build a survey for that topic.
    fully-fledged, 5 Januar 2005

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