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Toys *ggggg*

Dieses Thema im Forum "Fun- & Rätselecke" wurde erstellt von Piratin, 19 Februar 2006.

  1. Piratin
    Piratin (39)
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    Capitalism - He who dies with the most toys wins.
    Hinduism - We keep playing with the same toys until we learn our lessons.
    Judaism - He who buys his toys at the lowest price wins.
    Asceticism - He who denies himself the most toys wins.
    Islam - You'd better play with our toys, or we'll blow yours up.
    Episcopalianism - He who plays with his toys in the best country club wins.
    Roman Catholicism - The toys were ours first.
    Greek Orthodox - No, they were ours first.
    Branch Davidians - He who dies playing with the biggest toys wins.
    Atheism - There is no toy maker.
    Polytheism - There are many toy makers.
    Darwinism - The toys evolved from lower toy forms.
    Christian Science - Toys are just figments of your imagination. Deal with it.
    Humanism - We are the toy makers.
    Pantheism - The toy makers are the toys, and the toys are the toy makers.
    Communism - Everyone gets the same number of toys, and you go straight to hell if we catch you selling yours.
    Bahá'í - All toys and toy makers are just fine with us.
    Methodism - Would you like some nice milk and cookies with those toys?
    Amish - Toys with batteries are surely a sin!
    Taoism - The doll is as important as the dumptruck.
    Presbyterianism - All of these toys were planned ahead of time.
    Voodoo - Hey, let me borrow that doll for a second . . .
    Hedonism - Forget the rule book -- let’s play!
    7th Day Adventism - He who plays with his toys on Saturday loses.
    Church of Christ - He whose toys make music loses.
    Baptist - Once played with, always played with.
    Lutheranism - We nailed some old toys to a church door once . . .
    Jehovah’s Witnesses - He who sells the most toys door-to-door wins.
    Pentecostalism - He whose toys can speak in tongues wins.
    Existentialism - All toys are desperately alone in the universe.
    Confucianism - Be sure to honor the older toys first.
    Agnosticism - We can't know if there's a toy maker or not.
    Buddhism - Toys just cause suffering. Learn to avoid them.
    Hare Krishna - He who gives away the most toys at airports wins.
    Mormonism - Every boy may have as many toys as he wants.
    Mormon Fundamentalism - Female toys under the age of fourteen are best.
    Reorganized LDS - Community of Christ - Only toys passed from father to son are real.
    Ex-Mormonism - Who needs toys anyway?
    Piratin, 19 Februar 2006
  2. -Gowron-
    -Gowron- (39)
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    -Gowron-, 22 Februar 2006
  3. starlight169
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    vergeben und glücklich
    Ich kenne noch eins --He Who dies with the most toys still dies. Davon gibt es sogar Shirts zu kaufen. Ich finde es ziemlich gut, man kennt aber gar nicht alle dieser Ismen.
    starlight169, 22 Februar 2006

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