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Was ist wichtig im Leben?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Geschichten, Gedichte und Nachdenkliches" wurde erstellt von melanch, 27 Oktober 2003.

  1. melanch
    what is life? what is important whats it all about? whats the sense of it? is it to be happy, glad, lucky? love? seeing a sunset? being in the snowy mountains? powder everywhere...watching the sunset at the beach feel it when the sun says goodbye for a day and then the moon commin out...the endless space...stars...
    dancing in the rain...sitting anywhere thinking of a person or a feeling that concerns one at the moment...
    what about the others...is there anybody else feeling like oneself? whats about the girl you love? is there a girl? whats she doin? do you miss her at the moment?
    what about this love? is it always easy?
    love can hurt! yes it can really hurt...being together with her..falling in love with her...like a glowing explosion everything coloured everywhere! but these moments pass...they pass they pass that fast...you cant stop the time...the moment is gone...pain is staying...why does love hurt so much? cant think anything else but of her...u can smell her hear her u see her u even feel her...but she isnt there...shes away...is she thinking of u? whats she doing? is she happy? your little star in the endless space...she is the importantce in your life...your job, school or what ever u r doing is nolonger important...be here with me..i need you...sitting in the sand hearing the shore watching the waves, the sun and its mirror in the water...in the endless water...wanna be a part of a wave far far out there....
    so what is money, career, superiority, power, succes,? i`ll tell you it is damn nothing...why dont they understand that? why dont I understand that? do you understand it?...
    melanch, 27 Oktober 2003
  2. melanch
    warn bissl depri und nachdenklich als ich das geschrieben hab...wie findet ihr das?
    melanch, 27 Oktober 2003

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