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welcher song?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Musik, Filme, Computer und andere Medien" wurde erstellt von Kisa, 25 Dezember 2006.

  1. Kisa
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    Weiß jmd wie das lied heißt dass in elizabethtown gespielt wird? ganz am anfang, wo er sich verfährt wird n lied gespielt..n mann singt das...
    danke schonmal
    Kisa, 25 Dezember 2006
  2. cooky
    cooky (36)
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    vergeben und glücklich
    bei imdb.com gefunden:

    (songs are listed chronological, as they appear in movie)

    "Jesus Was A Crossmaker" The Hollies
    At the beggining of the movie, when Drew flies to Mercury Worldwide Shoes.

    "You Can't Hurry Love" The Concretes
    During the party like this when "the Italians invented rubber":smile:

    "Shut Us Down" Lindsey Buckingham
    In the scene when Drew is trying to kill himself.

    "It'll All Work Out" Tom Petty
    When we can see both Claire and Drew, as they're going onto the plane.

    "io (This Time Around)" Hellen Stellar
    When Drew falls asleep in the plane after conversation with Claire and through his dream.

    "Big Love" Fleetwood Mac
    When Drew goes to the Elizabethtown (before "Did I miss 60B?!":smile:

    "My Father's Gun" Elthon John
    Played when Drew approaches to his father in the coffin.

    "Where To Begin" My Morning Jacket
    At the "evening party", where Jessie is having tough talk with his father. Then as they go to Jessie's house.

    "Same In Any Language" I Nine
    The original version. Jessie starts to sing it and then we can heard it as Drew goes to Louisville Brown Hotel.

    "Come Pick Me Up" Ryan Adams
    Played during long conversation between Drew and Claire on the phone. Before Drew is stealing beer from "his neighbour", Chuck:smile:

    "Learning To Fly" Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
    Played after Drew and Claire meeting, when they get together to see the sunrise.

    "Summerlong" Kathleen Edwards
    When Drew and Claire are buying urn for his father.

    "Free Bird"
    Played by Ruckus, during the Mitch's memorial.

    "That's Life" James Brown
    Played when Drew drives out from Elizabethtown to begin his road trip.

    "Hard Times" eastmountainsouth

    "Let It Out (Let It All Right Hang Out)" The Hombres

    "Sugar Blue" Jeff Finlin

    "Yeah Man" Eddie Hinton
    Just before arriving to Earnestine & Hazel's and during talk with Russ.

    "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" U2
    During Martin Luther King scene of course.

    "Words" Ryan Adams

    "Don't I Hold You" Wheat

    "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today" Washington Phillips
    When Drew looks at The Survivor Tree.

    "Square One" Tom Petty
    When Drew is dancing with "one hand waving free."

    "My Father's Gun" Elton John
    Yes once again, during Drew's "breakout" in a car when talking to his father.

    "English Girls Approximately" Ryan Adams
    When Drew walks onto 2nd Largest Farmer's Market In The World.
    "I Can't Get Next To You" Temptations
    "Same In Any Language" I Nine
    "Moon River" Patty Griffin

    Drew's phone ring comes from "I Can't Get Next To You", Temptations song.
    cooky, 26 Dezember 2006
  3. Kisa
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    danke.. kannst du mir noch erklären wie genau ich dort den soundtrack suchen kann?
    Kisa, 27 Dezember 2006

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