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  • Ruffy.d
    Ruffy.d (30)
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    29 November 2006

    Angel Of Darkness

    When sun has faded and sky turns black
    the night is coming and brings darkness back
    a frightened moth flies into the lamplight
    the angel of darkness will make you hide
    you better run before I find you!

    When I’m appearing your blood shall run fast
    so you’re the one who saw me last? (short, evil laugh)
    At night you’re all alone
    and my whisper will turn your heart into stone
    you better hide before I kill you!

    Bridge1: On black wings I’m coming to you
    you better keep hurrying, stupid fool
    into the light where you feel safe
    I’ll catch you if you’re too slow
    Don’t you believe in me?
    So, you will see me at night!

    Chorus: Whenever night is coming
    I’ll give and I’ll take your lives
    And when I am raging
    you feel my endless darkness
    haven’t you seen yet?
    I’m here to show you

    I cover your land with a lifetaking cloak of curse
    The sun only awakes when I’m away
    and then you see the ruins of your world on a new day
    and scream out loud for my releasing power

    Bridge2: When sunlight is fading
    and stars come to haunt you
    because of doom, you should better keep your windows shut
    come on, don’t run away
    cause you will have to see
    the ruins of your world like the sun has to

    Chorus x2

    Don’t close your eyes
    don’t hide the truth
    try to make this world better
    or my darkness will swallow your world ?

    Chorus x2

    The Angel of Darkness is near…
    so hab gedacht ich poste das einfach mal.
    wer will kann ja was dazu sagen....
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  • slash
    slash (28)
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    30 November 2006
    Das isn Lied und kein Gedicht, ja?
  • goldenwings
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    vergeben und glücklich
    7 Dezember 2006
    erinnert an ice queen von within temptation..

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