• Olli242
    Olli242 (45)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    8 November 2004


    I envision the endless night closing in
    With tears glimmering in each of my eyes,
    With shadows of dark growing from within
    Where slowly the sickness spreads like flies,
    Filling my head with noises and pain,
    With sentiments I never wanted to claim.

    I envision the eager struggle of light and dark,
    While bright shimmering stars seem to pale out of sight
    First flourishing colours cease in a spark,
    When shadows so small appear to gain height,
    Blinding my senses and taking my will,
    Crumbling on knees, while my spirits reel.

    I envision despair and fright consuming my soul
    Struggling with fear for the victorious part,
    Stunned, and mute, emotions grow foul,
    Leaving a blackness within my cold heart,
    Thus my decision in life slowly clears,
    With the emptiness ceasing all fears.

    Yet have I envisioned the tormenting path?
    The agonizing steps so final, towards the light?
    Have I yet envisioned the hopes of a love?
    The curing, and warmth, a comforting guide?
    Surely did I not envision the last traces of mine,
    Nor the warmth-spreading, joyful gladness so fine.

    But is it too late, to stop my descending,
    Too far beyond reason, to bright up my mind?
    I need to begin, the ill-omens defending,
    I need to look up, for my shelter to find,
    Thus I envision the ending of my last path,
    But end in envision of a dream from above.
  • Lichttänzer
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit
    8 November 2004
    Speziell in den ersten beiden Abschnitten habe ich des öfteren mal zum Langenscheidt gegriffen, aber nachdem ich nun alle Bedeutungen geklärt habe, kann ich gar nicht anders als zu sagen: Hut ab. Das ist eines der besten Stücke, die ich hier bisher gelesen habe, und auf Englisch wahrscheinlich das beste überhaupt. :gluecklic
  • Olli242
    Olli242 (45)
    Verbringt hier viel Zeit Themenstarter
    12 November 2004
    *öhm* :schuechte

    Viiielen Dank :gluecklic

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