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    18 November 2004

    die schönsten songzitate zum thema liebe

    Hallo zusammen
    suche die schönsten songzitate, wenn möglich zum thema LIebe . bin nämlich grad dabei das geschenk für meinen freund zu basteln un da bräucht ich noch n paar :schuechte

  • AndreR
    18 November 2004
    "Heaven knows no frontiers, and I've seen heaven in your eyes." (The Corrs - "No Frontiers")

    "When you breathe I want to be the air for you" [...]"Words can't say what a love can do " (Bon Jovi - "I'll be there for you")

    "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me" (Backstreet Boys - "As long as you love me")

    "Für dich geb ich mein Blut, alles alles will ich tun, weil ich dich liebe..." (Alfred - "Für Sarah" ("Der Tanz der Vampire"))

    "Whereever you go, whatever it takes, I will be right here waiting for you.." (Richard Marx - "Right here waiting")

    "Kann es wirklich Liebe sein, im sanften Augenblick... Die Harmonie voll tiefster Zärtlichkeit..ist alles was wir sehen..." (König der Löwen)

    "Du blickst mich an mit deinen Funkelperlenaugen, das tut so gut, da ist so viel für mich drin." [...] "Halt mich, halt mich fest und drück mich, so fest wie du kannst!" (PUR - "Funkelperlenaugen")

    "Hab mich wieder mal an dir betrunken... Hochprozentig Liebesrausch, den schlaf ich mit dir aus." (PUR - "Hab mich wieder mal an dir betrunken")

    Mehr fällt spontan nicht ein..

    P.S. Was bastelst du denn? Hört sich interessant an
  • Luckie
    Luckie (32)
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    18 November 2004
    Look into my eyes - you will see
    What you mean to me
    (Bryan Adams - Everything i do, i do it for you)

    Doch eines kann ich mit gutem Gewissen behaupten, ich liebe dich sehr und bin glücklich mit dir!
    (Sportfreunde Stiller - Was ich behaupten kann)

    'Cause you're all I want
    You are all I need
    You are everything
    (Lifehouse - Everything)

    In meinem Herzen steht dein Name an der Tür
    (Die Ärzte - Geh mit mir)

    Ich weiß, wo ich mich am wohlsten fühl
    Ich weiß, was ich am allerliebsten spiel
    Ich weiß, wann ich mich total verlier
    und das machst Du mit mir
    (Die Ärzte - Dir)

    You and I were just made
    To love each other now, forever and a day

    I lose control because of you babe
    I lose control when you look at me like this
    (Scorpions - You and I)

    Yes, I need you,
    Yes, I really need you,
    Please say you'll never leave me.
    (Come go with me - Del Vikings)

    I love you so yeah and I'll never let you go
    (Come on let‘s go - Richie Valens)

    How did I exist until I kissed ya',
    Never had you on my mind,
    Now you're there all the time,
    Never knew what I missed till I kissed ya', uh huh,
    I kissed ya', oh yeah,
    (‘Til I kissed you - The Everly Brothers)

    When Heavens turn
    You know you'll shine
    You're in my heart
    for all time
    (Star - Reamonn)

    Mit dir hab ich dieses Gefühl,
    dass wir heut Nacht unsterblich sind.
    Egal, was uns jetzt noch geschieht,
    ich weiss, dass wir unsterblich sind.
    (Unsterblich - Die toten hosen)

    Wenn nur die Liebe zählt, wenn nur die Liebe zählt,
    will ich dir folgen bis ans Ende der Welt.
    Mir ist kein Preis zu hoch um dich zu sehen.
    (Was zählt - Die Toten Tosen)

    Leg deinen Kopf an meine Schulter,
    es ist schön, ihn da zu spüren,
    und wir spielen Bonnie und Clyde.
    Unsere Liebe soll ein Sprengsatz sein,
    der ständig explodiert.
    Ich bin Bonnie, und du bist Clyde
    (Bonnie und Clyde - Die Toten Hosen)

    Die hatte ich mal gesammelt. Viel Erfolg mit dem Geschenk :smile:

    lg Luckie
  • 123hefeweiz
    18 November 2004
    There's a hole in my heart that can only be filled by you
    And this hole in my heart can't be filled by the things I do
    Hole hearted

    ("Hole Hearted", Extreme)

    I can't stop loving you
    Time passes quickly and chances are few
    I can't stop 'til I'm through loving you

    ("Stop Loving You", Toto)

    Jimmy still recalls the night
    When he took his guitar
    And headed on out
    To find the big time
    That was his dream
    He gave up his past
    And made it alright
    But there's something missin'
    In his heart tonight
    Sometimes what you want
    Ain't what you need
    He misses drivin' down
    To the lake at night
    Holdin' his baby
    In his arms so tight
    Ain't it hard to find illusions
    When you're livin' in a memory

    ("Prisoners In Paradise", Europe)

  • ogelique
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    18 November 2004
    "When you can see your unborn children in her eyes, you know you really love a woman"

    -> einfach wunderschön *dahinschmelz*
  • matthes
    matthes (38)
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    18 November 2004
    Air - How does it make you feel

    I am feeling very warm right now
    Please don't disappear
    I am spacing out with you
    You are the most beautiful entity that I've ever dreamed of

    At night I will protect you in your dreams
    I will be your angel
    You worry so much about not having enough time together
    It makes no difference to me
    I would be happy with just one minute in your arms
    Let's have an extended play together
    You're telling me that we live too far to love each other
    But your love can stretch further than you and I can see
    So how does it make you feel?


    Dido - Who makes you feel

    I don't mind if you come home late
    I don't ever ask you where you've been
    I just assume there's a problem will you tell me

    But listen and think when I say it
    Oh but listen and think when I say it
    Who makes you feel the way that I make you feel
    Who loves you and knows you the way I do
    Who touches you and holds you quite like I do
    Who makes you feel like I make you feel


    Virginia Jetzt! - Weil wir Anfänger sind

    Du versuchst, mich zu retten
    Und bist selbst am ertrinken
    Wie zwei Nichtschwimmer, die um ihr Leben winken
    Denn die Liebe ist ein Meer
    Mit gefährlichen Wellen
    Wir müssen ganz tief tauchen, zu den allertiefsten Stellen

    Wo kein Licht ist
    Wo alles ganz dunkel und dicht ist
    Doch wenn wir das schaffen,
    weil du ich bist
    und ich wie du bin
    wenn wir uns nah sind
    so unendlich nah sind

    So, das wär's für's erste. Was hast du denn vor, das würde mich auch interessieren :zwinker:

  • Dawn13
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    19 November 2004
    "But I crash in my mind,
    whenever you are near
    Getting deaf, dumb and blind
    Just drowning in despair
    I'm lost in your flame
    it's burning like the sun
    And I call out your name
    the moment you are gone"

    (Saybia - Day after tomorrow)

    "I'm falling even more in love with you
    letting go off all I've held onto
    I'm standing here until you make me move
    I'm hanging by a moment here with you"

    (Lifehouse - Hanging by a moment)

    "The stillness in your eyes
    convinces me that I
    I don't know a thing
    and I've been around the world and
    I've tasted all the wines
    half a billion times
    came sickened to your shores
    you show me what this life is for"

    (Live - Dance with you)

    "Just when I thought there was nobody out there
    No one who quite understood me
    I glanced to the side and I saw you there smiling
    Patiently holding my hand
    Saying over and over it's okay love, easy love
    I'm here"

    (Saybia - It's okay love)
  • Unicorn
    Unicorn (36)
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    19 November 2004
    "Fühl‘ mich bei dir geborgen, setz‘ mein Herz auf dich,
    will jeden Moment genießen, dauer ewiglich.
    Bei dir ist‘s gut am Leben, Glück im Überfluß;
    dir willenlos ergeben, find ich bei dir Trost."
    (Herbert Grönemeyer: "Halt mich")

    "I carry your joy in my footsteps, making my way to your harbor - don't need to go any further; you are my sun and my moon..."
    (Gloria Estefan: "Wrapped")

    "There's no picture I could paint to show you what you mean to me, / and no poem I could write to tell you what you mean to me. / You're more than fire, you are more than rain, / you're more than love and you are more than pain. / No, no, there's no single word that could explain... /
    There's no flower blooming like the smile in your ethereal eyes, / and no scholar ever could explain it - he could be so wise. / You're more than heaven, you are more than earth; / you're the origin, you are more than birth; / you're more than beautiful - you're everything to me. //
    It's not the way that you move, it's not the glowing / in your face when you smile that makes me trembling and calm. It's not that look in your eyes when I am going - it's just everything, what you are. //
    There's no ocean deep enough to show you what you mean to me, / and no mountain high enough to show you what you mean to me. / You're more than meaning, you are more than time, / you are redemption, you're the reason why. / You're so mysterious - you're everything to me. //
    It's not the way that you move... //
    (Ist ein ganzes Lied, sorry - aber ich weiß nicht, welche Zeile(n) ich am Schönsten finde. Ich find's insgesamt *hach* :zwinker: Und ich gebe zu, dass es etwas schnulzig ist. :grin:
    Fool's Garden - Nothing)

    "I promised I would never leave you,
    and you should always know,
    wherever you may go, no matter where you are,
    I never will be far away."
    (Billy Joel: "Lullaby")

    "Now I know I've never been in love before,
    now I know that nothing else was right.
    It feels like finally I've reached the shore
    every time she holds me tight..."
    (Wise Guys: "She's amazing")

    Vielleicht kommen in den nächsten Tagen noch welche dazu... *vorwarn* :zwinker:

    Liebe Grüße vom seinen Schatz vermissenden :frown: Fabeltier
  • Grinsekater1968
    nicht angegeben
    19 November 2004
    "I believe in you
    and all I want to do is
    help you to
    believe in you...."

    (Amanda Marshall)
  • weiblichesWesen
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    19 November 2004
    erst ma danke für die vielen antworten. ein paar zitate hab ich auch schon gehabt dÄ zum beispiel :smile:

    naja das wort BASTELN war vl. falsch gewählt..*g* werd ein leres buch nehmen und ein paar sachen reinschreiben und kleben, einm text über ihn, seine charaktereigenschaften, sachen über sein sternzeichen, internetartikel über liebe hauptsächlich wissenschaftliche forschungen,vl fotos, kinokarten, zitate über liebe eben songzitate und von berühmten dichtern und denker....joah vl. werd ich mich noch verkünsteln und wat zeichnen...wenn jmd. ne idee hat kann er sie mir gerne preisgeben, bin für anregungen offen...;-)


    mhmhhhhh ....von wem is das denn...iss schöhön.. :herz:
  • User 12616
    User 12616 (31)
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    19 November 2004
    Die finde ich sehr schööön :schuechte
    Das von den Toten Hosen ist im Übrigen "unser Lied" also von meinem Schatz und mir :herz:

  • Chabibi
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    19 November 2004
    "When you cried, I'd wipe away all of your eyes. When you scream, I'd fight away all of your fears. I held your hands through all of these years, but you still have all of me." - My immortal, Evanescence -

    IMHO das beste Liebeslied überhaupt
  • Unicorn
    Unicorn (36)
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    20 November 2004

    Ich persönlich finde "My Immortal" unpassend, weil es sich zwar um eine Art Liebeslied handelt, aber im eins, das an eine/n Verstorbene/n "gerichtet" ist... ich mag es nicht, wenn Liedtexte sinnentfremdet werden.
    (Z.B. finde ich es auch äußerst unschön, wenn jemand bei einem Lied wie "Tears In Heven" mitklatscht oder sonstwie fröhlich reagiert, denn das Lied ist nicht fröhlich, nur bewegend. "My Immortal" natürlich ebensowenig.)

    Liebe Grüße vom klugscheißenden(?) Fabeltier
  • MiRom
    MiRom (49)
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    20 November 2004
    Annett Louisan
    Das Liebeslied
    im moment mein absoluter Favorit
  • endlessPain
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    22 November 2004
  • 22 November 2004
    dadurch angeregt erwähn ich hier mal

    Das Gefühl von Annett Louisan

  • StupidDream
    25 November 2004
    And if a double-decker bus
    Crashes into us
    To die by your side
    Is such a heavenly way to die
    And if a ten-ton truck
    Kills the both of us
    To die by your side
    Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine

    aus "there is a light that never goes out" von den Smiths - Wunderschönes Stück, wundervolle Lyrics (wie bei jedem ihrer Songs), grandiose Band :smile:
  • elle
    elle (33)
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    26 November 2004
    I can see the red, white and free in you
    You light the night up like the moon
    and underneath your clouds I see the blue
    You're hopeless cause you tell the truth
    The stars are jealous of your shine
    If you were mine, there's not a thing I wouldn't do

    You're black and beautifull, yellow, tan
    You're white as light and soft as sand
    With greens and greys and oh for days
    A silver lining on your way you cover everyone
    Just like a morning sun
    You turn me into someone I would rather be
    I love your every color, I love your everything

    You wear the day around you
    like it's yours to stay around you
    Maybe I could stay around you, too
    if that's alright with you
    You're coffe brown and bubble gum pink
    And oh I think the shade of you is on the brink
    Of changing all the ways I see the world
    I could drown inside a single drop
    of all the kinds of things you got
    and all the kinds of things I'm not

    Might just give me a chance to see
    from up where you are
    above the stars
    Just dancing in the sky

    You're better than any rainbow
    You're brighter than the sun
    You look like my first day of summer
    when my spring is on the run
    You're gold and more gold
    and you're platinum, too
    Wtih snow toned, copper attitude
    I don't know what I'd do without you
    I don't know what I'll do about you"
    -Train, "Your every color"

    Sorry, is etwas lang aber der text ist einfach wunderschön..

    "The closer you get, the better I feel
    The closer you are, the more I see
    why everyone says that I look happier
    when you're around
    The closer you get, the better I feel"
    -Dido, "Closer"

    "And the years have prooved to offer nothing
    since you moved
    You've long gone but I can't move on
    And I miss you like the deserts miss the rain"
    -Everything but the girl, "Missing"

    "Deinen namen trägt mein Herz
    dein Fehlen ist mein Schmerz..
    Führ mich ans Licht, ich enttäusch dich nicht.."
    -Xavier Naidoo, "Führ mich ans Licht"

    "She's got a light around her
    and everywhere she goes
    a million dreams of love surround her
    -Billy Joel, "She's got a way"

    "And when the stars fall
    I will lie awake
    You're my shootingstar"
    -Michelle Branch, "Goodbye to you"

    "When you're on the outside and you can't get in
    I will show you you're so much better than you know
    When you're lost, when you're alone and you can't get back again
    I will find you, darling, and I'll bring you home

    And if you want to cry
    I am here to dry your eyes
    And in no time, you'll be fine"
    -Sade, "By your side"

    "Stay with me while we grow old
    and we will live each day in springtime"
    -Minnie Riperton, "Loving you"

  • space
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    26 November 2004

    Boah, normalerweise stehe ich auf ganz andere Musik, aber bei dieser Textzeile läuft es mir auch immer kalt den Rücken runter und s' Herzerl wird zu eng... :herz:
  • Tapa
    Tapa (28)
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    25 August 2010

    Hallo du ..

    ich weiss es ist schon lange her. aber wie ist das ganze gelaufen.??
    ich finde es eine gute idee,. doch ich wüsste nicht wie ich es gestalten sollte., =(

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